delete naughty date account

How to delete naughty date account?

The naughty date is one of the most popular dating website and app. One can create free or paid membership and get the services accordingly. It is a good place for those who seek fun, flirting and real steamy dates.

If you want to delete your Naught date account, then here we have listed simple way to delete your account and cancel your subscription. Please read the process first and then aplly it.

How to delete naughty date account?

Please follow the steps given below by one by one to delete your account.

  1. Open your web browser.
  2. Type the web address and click Enter.
  3. Now, log in to your account with your registered username and password.
  4. Once you are logged in, on the right side of your page, there is your picture. Click on your picture.
  5. Then, from the drop-down menu, Select My setting.
  6. Scroll down the My setting page till you get the Remove account as shown in the figure.
  7. Press the Remove account button.
  8. Now, enter your password to confirm the delete process of your account.
  9. Then, select the option ‘’Remove my profile, contacts, and personal information completely’’.
  10. Choose your reason for deleting your account from the given options.
  11. Now, confirm that you are sure to delete your profile.
  12. You have to enter your email address.
  13. You will receive an email with a cancellation code. It may take as long as an hour to get your cancellation code.
  14. Open your email account to get that cancellation code.
  15. Remember that your email address must be a registered one.
  16. When you receive your cancellation code, go back to your naughty date account.
  17. Go to Remove account as described above in step 1 to 6.
  18. After entering your password, you have to Enter your cancellation code.
  19. Click on the button Continue.
  20. Now, your account will be deleted.
  21. You receive an email notification after your account is deleted.

How to cancel your paid Membership/Subscription ?

  • You may contact Naughty Date by email at[email protected], or call them at 1-800-489-6091.
  • If you have joined the site with your Android or Apple then, here are the steps you have to go through.

Cancel Subscription from your android phone

  1. First, you have to open Google Play Store app.
  2. Then, Touch Menu.
  3. Then, click on My Apps.
  4. Now, touch the Subscriptions.
  5. Then tap on the Naughty dates app of the subscription you’d like to cancel.
  6. Finally, Tap “Cancel” and “Yes” to confirm the cancellation of the Naughty app on your Android phone.

Cancel Subscription from your iPhone

  1. First, go to Settings, then iTunes & App Store.
  2. Now, you have to touch your Apple ID which is located at the top of your screen.
  3. Then, Touch View Apple ID.
  4. Touch Subscriptions and then, Touch the Naughty dates membership.
  5. Finally, use the options to cancel your monthly membership.

If you want to contact the customer care center then, you can reach customer service by email at [email protected], or call them free at 1-800-489-6091 or 1-212-796-574. Their address is Together Networks Ltd., Vincenti Buildings, 28/19(Suite No. 1374)Strait Street, Valletta VLT1432


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